In addition to Road Racing, Mika also has another passion, which belongs to his wintertime routines: Ice Racing.

Ice Racing means racing on a frozen lake. It's based on modified motocross bikes, which are equipped with special studded tyres.

Mika's racing career actually begun from Ice Racing. He rode his first race in Finnish Ice Racing Championship series ar the age of 14, in 1997. Since then Ice Racing has been essential part of Mika's training routines and he has also won several Finnish Champion titles during the years. Latest Finnish Champion title is from March 2014, when Mika won JR1-class Champion title.

Mika believes that Ice Racing has had huge influence in his bike handling skills. The significance of the right riding lines is emphasized more than in any other motorcycle racing form and tracks need to be learnt in a few laps time.

Besides Road Racing riders, Ice Racing has also been a fixed part of the off-season training methods of other motorcycle riders. In Finnish Championship series there has seen even motocross-, enduro- and supermoto riders, which means that the level of the series is very high. Ice Racing is also much more professional in Finland than in any other country Ice Racing is done.



Finnish Champion, JR1


Finnish Champion, JR1
Finnish Champion, JR2


Finnish Championship 2nd in 500cc


Finnish Champion in 500cc
Finnish Championship 2nd in 125cc


Finnish Champion in 125cc
Finnish Championship 2nd in 250cc


Finnish Champion in 500cc
Finnish Champion in 125cc


Finnish Championship 2nd in 125cc


Finnish Champion in 125cc


Finnish Championship 3rd in 125cc


Finnish Championship 2nd in B125cc